7 Tips To Help You Find The Best Food For Your Golden Retriever

If you love your dog, then feeding them the best food is the only way to go. Homemade dog foods are the best because they are generally the healthiest. However, here are some tips to help you determine the best foods for your golden retriever.

1. Contrary to what many people may believe, dogs do not eat just meat. Even dogs living in the wild will consume the contents of their prey’s intestines, which is usually full of vegetables. In addition, they eat animal bones that are rich in calcium. Strictly feeding your dog meat is not the best food for your golden retriever. Without a certain amount of vegetables and nutrients in your dog’s diet, their health will suffer.

2. Semi-moist dog food is high in sugars and contains dyes, chemicals and a number of other additives that manufacturers add in to give it a longer shelf life, more color and a softer texture. This type of food may look good sitting on the supermarket shelf, but it is not the best food. These foods have no nutritional value and may be harmful to your dog.

3. Avoid generic brand dog foods at all costs. Generic foods are substandard in quality and contain questionable ingredients as well. You have heard the horror stories for many years about generic dog food, especially in veterinary and canine literature. In addition, they also lack several essential minerals. russian food store

4. Although not the best food for your golden retriever, name brand commercial foods are adequate. These foods still contain a certain level of chemicals, dyes and preservatives, but the quality is generally better than that of generic foods. One sixty-pound retriever on this diet will consume around eighteen pounds of chemicals in a single year.

5. The top of the line dog foods that you find for sale at the veterinarian’s office are made of high quality ingredients, but still contain the chemicals and preservatives.

6. A number of natural dog food products use vitamin E and vitamin C to naturally preserve the food. In addition, they also contain amino acids and chelated minerals to help the nutrients be absorbed better as the food digests. Many people believe that these natural products are the best food because they are made with only the finest ingredients. Look for a natural dog food that is low in protein because excess protein will put stress on your dog’s liver, kidneys and immune system. Read the label and choose products that contain “whole wheat flour” or “ground whole wheat”, as opposed to “wheat flour”, which is essentially white flour.

7. A homemade natural diet is the best dog food. It does not have to be raw. However, just make sure it is not overcooked. Medium rare meat and steamed vegetables is a high quality golden retriever dinner.

It is a good idea to talk to your veterinarian about the best foods for your golden retriever. Your vet should be able to monitor your dog’s medical chart to determine what effect certain foods have on your dog.

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