HearPod Hearing Aids – A 100% Digital Solution

HearPod hearing aids are completely digital and can be prescription programmed with solutions to suit most levels of hearing loss. Digital sound enhancement is all around us-in cell phones, iPods and TV’s to name but a few. Most of us understand that products which have digital technology are generally far better than their older counterparts and this is also true in the field of hearing enhancement.

When our hearing begins to deteriorate, we don’t really notice it at first. Very often it’s just the little things we suddenly notice, such as having to turn the TV up a few notches or asking people to repeat phrases. Eventually, most people realise that they have a degree of hearing loss and at that stage, the best thing to do is to consult a doctor for a diagnosis. Once you have determined the cause and discussed possible solutions, you can then move forward. Very often, a hearing aid can completely transform a person’s life but of course like many consumables, prices can vary enormously and although you can get hold of some aids very cheaply, these are often very frustrating to use and are sometimes worse than using nothing at all. At the opposite end of the spectrum are prescription-made digital solutions which are made to the exact specification of your audiogram. Many people are shocked when they discover that these can often cost in excess of $8000. Desarrollo de páginas web en Tijuana

HearPod hearing aids are manufactured to your own prescription and are 100% digital. HearPod have patented their designs and manufacture their own aids and have specialists in house who deal with all aspects from start to finish. They do not operate from a brick and mortar store and these factors enable them to price HearPod Hearing Aids significantly lower than similar competitor devices.

There are 5 variations of HearPod Hearing Aids-InvisiPod, MicroPod, MiniPod, EZPod and HearPal.

The InvisiPod is an open-fit device, the remainder fit snugly inside the ear. With the exception of HearPal, the aids are available either pre-programmed (you choose the level most suitable from the information on your prescription) or can be custom-programmed using your exact audiogram results.

You have the choice of adjustable devices or adaptive noise control aids where technology automatically filters out background noise and adjusts for optimum performance depending on your surroundings. This is done with the use of a tiny microchip which makes modifications in a nano-second.

All HearPod hearing aids come supplied with 3 different sizes and 2 styles of interchangeable silicone in-ear tips so you can decide which are the most comfortable for you. HearPod claim that this makes their aids guaranteed to fit anyone “from Shrek to Dumbo” and whilst this made me smile and I am not convinced, but there is no doubt that they should fit the smallest to largest human adult ear!

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