What You Need to Know About CPAP Machine Side Effects

Continuous Positive Air Pressure, or CPAP machines can be of great help to those who suffer from sleep apnea. But while they can improve the quality of sleep and relieve some of the frightening symptoms of sleep apnea, they can be uncomfortable at first, and there are side effects of using the devices. CPAP Batteries

The air in a CPAP machine can be very dry. In some people this causes the respiratory passages to react, and these reactions can include sneezing, irritation, or a dripping nose. If your machine is able to humidify the air, this will help immensely. If your machine does not have the option of humidifying the air and you experience irritation and even nosebleeds, then you may be best off finding a machine that has the ability to humidify the air you’re breathing.

Sinus pressure and headaches can result if you use your CPAP machine when you have a cold, allergies, or flu. That’s because respiratory blockages will prevent the pressure in your sinuses and eustachian tubes from equalizing properly. You may need to temporarily halt use of the device (if your doctor approves) or use medications to relieve the cold or flu symptoms to avoid this side effect.

Many users who are new to the CPAP machine may feel claustrophobic at first. You may have to use it for brief periods and increase the duration you use it each night. Make sure that the straps are not holding the mask on too tight. Some people find relief by using the CPAP machine while awake for a while before bedtime in order to get used to the sensations and the feeling of wearing the mask. For people who find the claustrophobic feelings unbearable may find relief from prescription anti-anxiety drugs.

One side effect that you should be able to fix with some help is a mask that loses pressure. This usually means that the mask doesn’t fit properly. Fortunately, masks are available in many different shapes, from those that cover most of the face to those that cover only the nostrils. You may have to try out several different masks before finding one that works best for your particular face shape. This is particularly true for men who wear facial hair.



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